LG roadmap promises bending, foldable, rollable screens


For many years now there’s been speculation of “flexible displays” coming to smartphones. In 2013 we even saw the first two devices to come with curved screens (though you couldn’t bend them yourself): the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Those served as a showcase of what was then possible in terms of display technology, but as you’d expect things won’t remain that way in the future. The mobile world moves at a breakneck pace, and so too will the display tech in the years to come. At least if LG Display’s newest roadmap pans out.

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Google May Add Mobile User Experience To Its Ranking Algorithm


Google sees what users see, and if that is a bad mobile experience, it may impact your rankings

At Search Marketing Expo East, Google engineer Gary Illyes talked a lot about user experience and how webmasters really need to focus on that. Over the past week or so, I asked Google about this and tried to understand why Google stressed this point so much at the event. Google told us in a statement:

“We’re making a big push to ensure the search results we deliver reflect this principle,”

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Blackberry Passport Review


I saw an article about de new Blackberry Passport, and like a friend said.. I think they may be headed in the right direction.

I saw several people complaining that it was a step backward… but seeing that the Z10/Z30 was a great ‘step forward’ which made ​​no success, and the real Blackberry clients hated… it is more than understandable that this is the right way.

The Z10 / Z30, for example, was a great phone, for someone who was not a client of the Blackberry. There you see how UX is an interesting thing. The user experience for customers of the Blackberry, when the Z10 came out, it was terrible … while ALL others found that the Blackberry was finally doing something right… 😛

Link of review: Blackberry Passport Review