Mega Menus – Friend or Foe?


Clients often ask for mega menus (those extra-large menus that offer a large number of links to site pages) as a way of providing quick access to deeply buried pages or data on their site.


Mega menus have been a trend for years.  But they’re not for every site, and can be misused. Continue reading

Top 10 UX Trends for 2015


Simple, effective, and functional design is the key for user experience in 2015. With the rapid growth of mobile technologies and users multitasking more, time is becoming more valuable. Designers will need to be more conscious of designs that deliver content more quickly and without hassle.
Here are the top 10 user experience trends of 2015, made by Megan Wilson. Continue reading

[TED] Three laws of user experience


Apala Lahiri Chavan is an award winning designer (International Audi Design Award) and specializes in the area of Cross Cultural Innovation and Design. Apala has taken on a new role recently in HFI as Chief Oracle and Innovator.

[Mito] Fotos de bancos de imagens melhoram a experiência do usuário


Mito #8: Fotos de bancos de imagens melhoram a experiência do usuário

Testes de usabilidade e estudos de eye-tracking mostram que fotos de bancos de imagens e outros elementos gráficos decorativos raramente agregam valor a um website e, mais frequentemente, danificam do que melhoram a experiência do usuário.

Tais imagens não são relacionadas ao tópico do website e não agregam informação útil. Usuários normalmente correm os olhos sobre imagens de bancos de imagens e, eventualmente, se frustram por causa delas.

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