[Myth] Mobile Devices Are Peripheral to Business


OK, it’s early days yet, so it’s understandable that we don’t yet believe just how central mobile devices will become in our lives. But look at how much of our data is moving to ‘the cloud’ already; that’s an inexorable trend that will enable better integration of mobile devices. Services like Dropbox, Sugarsync and Apple’s iCloud are just the beginning. Continue reading

Search Marketers: The Time To Focus On Mobile User Experience Is Now


Ignore smartphone and tablet users at your own peril. Columnist Susan Waldes shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of user experience with mobile search ads.


The mobile web of today reminds me of the regular web in 1999. There are huge brands with little to no presence, poorly executed redirects, outdated copyrights, dangling snippets of code, completely broken page layouts, overzealous “features” that crash the session, lack of adherence to UX conventions, and absurd page load times. Continue reading

Mobile-like menu without JS


I saw on a brazilian site how to make a ‘mobile menu’ without plugins.. besides the HTML code was wrong (menu tag to navigation), the same used jquery. The other thing is the method of animation, does not forcing hardware.
So, I take the challenge to make the same menu without javascript. Only with CSS. 🙂

Obviously, don’t work on ancient IE 😛 but you can always make a javascript to make the selector “:target” work in IE 😡 Continue reading