LG roadmap promises bending, foldable, rollable screens


For many years now there’s been speculation of “flexible displays” coming to smartphones. In 2013 we even saw the first two devices to come with curved screens (though you couldn’t bend them yourself): the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round.

Those served as a showcase of what was then possible in terms of display technology, but as you’d expect things won’t remain that way in the future. The mobile world moves at a breakneck pace, and so too will the display tech in the years to come. At least if LG Display’s newest roadmap pans out.

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Nvidia Now Selling Original GTX SLI Bridges


The Nvidia GeForce GTX SLI bridges match the styling of the high-end reference Nvidia cards.


There are not all that many products that you can buy directly from Nvidia, but the company has just expanded the number of items in its store by adding its original GeForce GTX SLI bridges that we’ve been seeing around but have never found them for purchase anywhere.

These SLI bridges match the design of the reference NVTTM cooler and come with an LED-lit Nvidia logo. As far as performance goes, these won’t offer much over the standard ribbons or bridges that ship with your motherboard, but they do look a lot better.

Using these bridges in closed cases is therefore completely pointless, but if you have a themed build or a windowed case, and multiple GPUs with the NVTTM cooler, these bridges might be worth a look. You can control the LED through the Nvidia GeForce Experience software just like the LED-lit GeForce text on the NVTTM coolers.


The bridges will be available in a two-way variant, a spaced two-way variant and a three-way variant.

Nvidia priced the bridges at $29.99 for both of the two-way models, while the three-way bridge will cost $10 more at $39.99.

Now I’m in the mood to resurrect my old PC (2x GTX 275 in SLI), but I think I’ll need a upgrade.. 😛

Source: Tom’s Hardware