AppSee – UX Testing Tool


This is an good application for all app developers. You are able to monitor your application easily when you are using this software. It allows you to see exactly what all users are doing inside your application. There are some useful features that can be found in this software, for example touch heatmaps, session recordings, analytics, and many other important features. When you are using this system, you are able to reveal the usability problems or other benefits from your application. You should be able to look at the user’s interaction inside your application, so you are able to learn about user’s experience easily. Continue reading

[Myth] If you are an expert, you don’t need to test your design


Myth #30: If you are an expert, you don’t need to test your design

When it comes to evaluating the usability of an interface, user testing is often considered unnecessary if an expert has already reviewed it. Since people rarely behave the way you expect, an expert can find major usability problems, but usability tests always reveal surprising issues.

Usability testing and expert reviews are both useful and tend to have different findings, therefore it’s usually recommended to combine the two in order to get the most comprehensive analysis of the interface. Continue reading

[Myth] Usability testing = focus groups


Myth #26: Usability testing = focus groups

When it comes to collecting feedback from users, usability tests and focus groups are often confused although their goals are completely different.

Focus groups assess what users say: a number of people gather in order to discuss their feelings, attitudes and thoughts on a given topic to reveal their motivations and preferences.

Usability testing, on the other hand, is about observing how people actually use a product, by assigning key tasks to users and analyzing their performance and experience. Continue reading