[Infographic] How to Become a UI/UX Designer


This infographic by Zillion Designs shows a comparison between UI and UX designers, in order to show the many differences between the two occupations, which many cannot tell apart.

The infographic shows that UI designers are more interested in how the product is laid out and are known for having a good eye for beauty and knowledge about interaction principles. UX designers are more concerned with how the product feels, curious about human psychology and tend to focus on labels and patterns. Continue reading

Macbook Pro bootando sozinho por GPU Panic



Eu estou com um problema no meu Macbook Pro (Mid 2010), que me deixou revoltado por um bom tempo. Resolvi postar sobre, pois mais alguém pode estar com o mesmo problema.

O problema é reconhecido pela Apple, mas o recall já terminou. No meu caso, o problema começou cerca de 2-3 meses após o termino do recall (Murphy, eu te odeio). O problema é na placa de vídeo dedicada. Não acontece sempre, mas quando acontece, é de repente… O Mac reseta e dá um erro de ‘GPU Panic‘.

Há algum tempo, eu baixei um app para economizar bateria, para evitar que o mac ligasse a placa de vídeo dedicada. Pois bem, eu resolvi testar o app de novo, e como o meu Mac bootava pelo menos 1x por dia e já está há uns 6-7 dias sem dar problema nenhum, eu acho que ‘resolvi’ o problema (por enquanto). 🙂

Para consertar o Mac, você precisa TROCAR a placa lógica. Eu tenho até medo de ver o preço,…

App: gfxCardStatus

Killing the CAPTCHA for better UX


Is there anything that people hate more than a CAPTCHA; other than having to fill it in again when they get it wrong? It’s a question that web designers face every day. Yet, despite the genuine dislike of the CAPTCHA it’s still in use in all too many places online. Continue reading

UX Is Not A Verb


Helping clients understand that UX is a holistic process, not a single action, can benefit everyone working on a project.

“Okay, so how long to UX it?”

This question is asked of me in just about every estimating meeting we have.

Sure it’s a joke, and I laugh. But I also cry just a little each time because, like any good joke, it has an element of truth to it.

UX has become ubiquitous. A search for “UX” on LinkedIn returns almost 200,000 results. But even with UX being everywhere you turn, it seems that many people, especially those not “in the industry” (i.e. clients), don’t have a solid grasp of what UX actually means. Even those of us in the industry don’t have a clear definition of what a UX designer is or does. Continue reading