Donald Norman’s Three Levels of Design


Donald Norman is deservedly considered to be one of the greats of usability design. He is founder of the Nielsen Norman Group and he is also a former professor of Cognitive Science (among many, many, many other things). In short, he’s a guy who has his whole life researching what makes users tick and how to make products that they find to be ultimately usable and pleasurable. Continue reading

What is the difference between Interaction Design and UX Design?


This is a question we hear a lot. Unfortunately there’s no simple answer to this question. Firstly, that’s because there’s no globally agreed definition of the two terms. That means that our explanation often needs to change depending on the user’s perspective. Secondly, it’s also because there’s a lot of common area between the two fields even when using the most common definitions. Continue reading

[Infographic] How to Become a UI/UX Designer


This infographic by Zillion Designs shows a comparison between UI and UX designers, in order to show the many differences between the two occupations, which many cannot tell apart.

The infographic shows that UI designers are more interested in how the product is laid out and are known for having a good eye for beauty and knowledge about interaction principles. UX designers are more concerned with how the product feels, curious about human psychology and tend to focus on labels and patterns. Continue reading

3 UX Analysis Methods You Need to Know


First and foremost, what is UX analysis? Normally, it is when we do something in our daily customer service which improves the satisfaction level of our customers. It actually involves human-computer interaction design. This is simpler said than done, that the above topic is the study of how human interacts with machines and the environment they work in when they design system to address the user’s experience.

It is through user experience that we can do things like graphic design and anything related to user interface. On the other hand, the physical interaction between human and machines is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when trying to look at user experience analysis. It also includes interaction design, designing information and user research. Continue reading

[Video] What is UX?


This video by is an excellent aid to understanding what UX is.

The video is presented in an animated form and breaks it down simply, allowing the viewer to understand the concept of UX clearly. It demonstrates that UX is comprised of design, accessibility, usability, system performance, marketing, and utility, rather than simply stating a vague definition.

The video also does a great job of distinguishing between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience,) using metaphors to highlight the difference and the way the two fields work together.

Moreover, it takes care to mention problems that developers face, ensuring that viewers have a multidimensional understanding of UX.