3 UX Analysis Methods You Need to Know


First and foremost, what is UX analysis? Normally, it is when we do something in our daily customer service which improves the satisfaction level of our customers. It actually involves human-computer interaction design. This is simpler said than done, that the above topic is the study of how human interacts with machines and the environment they work in when they design system to address the user’s experience.

It is through user experience that we can do things like graphic design and anything related to user interface. On the other hand, the physical interaction between human and machines is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when trying to look at user experience analysis. It also includes interaction design, designing information and user research. Continue reading

What is Information Architecture?


When it comes to the User Experience it’s not the technical infrastructure of information that we’re interested in nor are we interested in how the systems that we use to hold the data store that data; what we are interested in is how that data is presented to the user. Continue reading