UX Is Not A Verb


Helping clients understand that UX is a holistic process, not a single action, can benefit everyone working on a project.

“Okay, so how long to UX it?”

This question is asked of me in just about every estimating meeting we have.

Sure it’s a joke, and I laugh. But I also cry just a little each time because, like any good joke, it has an element of truth to it.

UX has become ubiquitous. A search for “UX” on LinkedIn returns almost 200,000 results. But even with UX being everywhere you turn, it seems that many people, especially those not “in the industry” (i.e. clients), don’t have a solid grasp of what UX actually means. Even those of us in the industry don’t have a clear definition of what a UX designer is or does. Continue reading

3 UX Analysis Methods You Need to Know


First and foremost, what is UX analysis? Normally, it is when we do something in our daily customer service which improves the satisfaction level of our customers. It actually involves human-computer interaction design. This is simpler said than done, that the above topic is the study of how human interacts with machines and the environment they work in when they design system to address the user’s experience.

It is through user experience that we can do things like graphic design and anything related to user interface. On the other hand, the physical interaction between human and machines is an aspect that cannot be overlooked when trying to look at user experience analysis. It also includes interaction design, designing information and user research. Continue reading

[Video] What is UX?


This video by Udacity.com is an excellent aid to understanding what UX is.

The video is presented in an animated form and breaks it down simply, allowing the viewer to understand the concept of UX clearly. It demonstrates that UX is comprised of design, accessibility, usability, system performance, marketing, and utility, rather than simply stating a vague definition.

The video also does a great job of distinguishing between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience,) using metaphors to highlight the difference and the way the two fields work together.

Moreover, it takes care to mention problems that developers face, ensuring that viewers have a multidimensional understanding of UX.

From Words To Action: Turning UX Into ROI


Your customers are speaking to you all time, providing no-holds-barred feedback the good, bad and otherwise. But while comments from tweets, surveys, and other media channels tell volumes, it’s usually just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more going on in your business. The challenge is corralling all this valuable input along with the rest of experience data across your enterprise so you can get the complete customer story, and seize new opportunities for optimizing ROI. Continue reading

What is Information Architecture?


When it comes to the User Experience it’s not the technical infrastructure of information that we’re interested in nor are we interested in how the systems that we use to hold the data store that data; what we are interested in is how that data is presented to the user. Continue reading